If you change your mind after buying the DNA GeoSet kit and decide to cancel the order before we process it, you can request a refund of your money by contacting us right away.

Just fill out the online cancelation and return form or contact support@dnageoset.com indicating CANCELATION and the order number on the Subject line of the email. You have a limited amount of time to use this option. (Once your order is processed in our warehouse, we cannot cancel the order and you will have to request a refund of your money according to the norms listed in the next section.) Depending on the number of orders, this could take between 60 minutes to 10 hours. The amount will be refunded by the same method the payment was made.


DNA GeoSet has a 30-day money-back return period from the date you receive the kit, only if you have not opened the kit and sent the saliva sample back to our laboratory. In order to request your refund, you should fill out the cancelation and return form. You will receive a return shipping label so that you can send the product back to our warehouse.Nevertheless the amount to be refunded is subject to the following conditions:

  1. If the product has not been opened (The sealing label on the box has not been broken), return the kit following the instructions given, and the total cost of the product minus shipping and handling costs (the costs depend on the country of delivery) will be refunded to you.
  2. If the product has been opened (The sealing label on the box has been broken), you will not have to return the product since, for hygiene reasons, it is to be destroyed. In this case, you will receive the amount paid for the product minus a penalization fee of 115$.
  3. If you have already sent in your sample to our laboratory, there is no refund of the amount paid.

Refunds will be received within 21 days from reception of confirmation by our Customer Service Department and will be paid by the same manner payment was originally made at the time of purchase. Remember, there will be no refunds of any amount made after 30 days or if the sample has already been sent to our laboratory.


In the unlikely case that you receive a defective extraction kit, contact our Customer Service Department at support@dnageoset.com to request a new kit. Your extraction kit is the one in the plastic blister packaging inside the box.